About Building New Foundations

Our Mission

Our Mission is to affect a positive transformation in the lives of the disadvantage youth of the greater Houston area. By utilizing the community's human, financial and spiritual resources, we commit to altering their present state and their future by focusing on their mental, emotional, corporal, educational and spiritual health and growth, as well as improving their current physical environment.


Our History

Building New Foundations began informally in 2009 when a group of friends and colleagues within the construction industry offered to perform small project improvements for a local non-profit residential treatment center in need of desperate assistance. This RTC, as so many others in the greater Houston area, existed to rehabilitate and treat boys between the ages of 7-17 that have endured some of the most awful forms of abuse and neglect and have been deemed by the state as “specialized” or “high-risk” children." Various projects were performed through a "grass roots" movement to raise funds and utilize skills, talents and resources of various volunteers to improve their facilities. That December of 2009, the group continued their effort and raised enough funds to provide Christmas gifts for all the boys at this RTC.

Since the first "serve outing" was organized in the summer of 2009, the original members continued to serve, raise funds and help bring awareness to the community of RTC and foster care children. Building New Foundations, among many other noteworthy accomplishments, has organized and led regular “serve” days that allow the community to do various repair and improvement projects at RTC facilities, has helped team up willing mentors with children in need of a caring role model, has assisted in developing and implementing reading programs with rewards stores, has led the way for back to school drives to provide necessary school supplies and outfits for “at risk” children, and has led hugely successful Christmas drives to provide not only gifts for “at risk” children, but a community involved celebration feast filled with songs, food, and cheer.

In 2013, the informal original members determined it was time to formally organize and create a non-profit organization with much higher aspirations of assisting and meeting the needs of the disadvantaged youth of the greater Houston area.


Board of Directors

  • Hayden Austin - Chairman/President
  • Rachel Lippeatt - Vice President
  • Greg Mesler - Treasurer
  • Reginald Tilley - Secretary
  • John Glaze – Director
  • Chris Mehling - Director
  • Bob Carnegie – Director
  • Hailey Granetz - Director
  • Roxanne Ellis – Director