Building New Foundations Update - Summer 2017

BNF Supporters,

For the past several years, so many of you have partnered with Building New Foundations in our mission to help the disadvantaged and at-risk youth of the greater Houston area.  Your support during this time has made a tremendous impact in the lives of so many children – children who have endured a lot of pain and abuse and were in desperate need of your intervention.  The generosity and love you’ve given have made a difference that we may not fully realize this side of eternity, but we’re certain the impact is not only immediate, but long-lasting and even eternal. 


Just prior to summer kicking off, Building New Foundations was made aware that The Good Shepherd RTC’s contract with the state was not renewed and subsequently caused The Good Shepherd RTC to close its doors.  Although this news is unfortunate, our mission has always been about the boys and girls of our community that are in need of our loving support, care and helping hand, and not any single organization that provided that care to these kids.  The conduit of our support over the years has been The Good Shepherd RTC and much good has come as a result of our involvement.


A few things we think you should know as a loyal supporter of Building New Foundations:


  1. Tremendous good has come from your generosity over the years.  To name a few:


    1. Each boy was given a real Christmas celebration with a feast, song-singing, and incredible gifts (such as duffle bags, clothes, shoes, hand-made quilts, footballs, books, and other items they desperately needed)
    2. Back to school was something they looked forward to because you ensured they had haircuts, backpacks, a new outfit and all the required supplies
    3. Birthdays cakes were delivered to each boy – something many had never had before – as this special day was celebrated
    4. The living conditions were improved to create a much more inviting “home,” thus improving their sense of pride and self-esteem, including new flooring, walls painted, a basketball court added, a donated jungle-gym for the younger kids, and so much more
    5. Mentors were recruited which gave the boys of The Good Shepherd a “big brother” or “big sister” that could pour wisdom, life-experience, and love into their lives.  These mentors were also a listening ear and friend that was reliable in coming to see them.


  1. All funds have been protected from the capital campaign that was under way for constructing a new campus for TGS RTC.  These funds are in Building New Foundation’s care and will continue to be used in the mission of helping the disadvantaged and at risk youth of the greater Houston area.


  1. The Building New Foundations board is as strong as ever and remains committed, even more now than ever, to the cause we set out on years ago. 

Even though The Good Shepherd RTC has closed its doors, our hearts are still open to the need of these boys and girls that still exist and desperately need our committed support in helping them through all they’ve endured.  One chapter has closed, yet we are excited about the new one that is unfolding.  As I write this email, I’m excited to tell you were are in the final meetings and conversations of partnering with other well-structured and passionate organizations that share in the same life-changing service and care of the at-risk youth of our city that Building New Foundations was created and exists to support.  


With your continued support, we know the lives of the at-risk youth of our community will continue to be changed for the better as we help break the cycle of pain, abuse and addiction that has marked their lives for so long.    


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email any board member of Building New Foundations.  Thank you for your continued support!